One – Changing the World from Inside Out

Human beings have lost the ability to connect not just with each other but with themselves as well and the outcome of this is seen in everything and everyone around us. Large organisations collapsing over night, attrition at an all time high, natural calamities are on the rise, maximum number of species have become extent in the last 25 years than any other time…human beings have forgotten what it is to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

It is at this juncture of human evolution that Noj Hinkins brings forth one of the most powerful books on reconnecting to the source of everything – ONE. Interwoven with facts and figure, case studies and soul searching questions the books taps into the essence of ‘being’ – appealing to the scientist and philosopher in all of us.

At the heart of the book is the ‘Zero Point Field’ theory simplified and broken down into easy steps. The theory talks about tapping the score of intuition often called the ‘sixth sense’ and using it as a guiding force to achieve whatever you want in life. The process includes shutting out ‘noise’ at three levels: (i) Outer Noise (ii) Inner Noise and (iii) Paradigm Noise. Fear it appears is our biggest attention divider, which spins webs and complex mind games causing a disconnect within ourselves and everything around us.

Hinkins, throughout the book emphasizes and re-emphasizes that we are connected to everything in the universe, there is no difference we are one with the cosmos. However, it is faulty behaviour patterns adopted by man to survive in the self-created rat race that focuses on individual differences creating a hierarchy of inferior to superior beings, which has become our fundamental problem.

He talks about realigning ourselves by looking into the depths of our soul and questioning our true purpose of being. A book that is guaranteed to send the readers on a ‘Vision Quest.’ The exercises, in the form of questions at every point in the book helps the reader re-examine his life’s goals at different milestones.

It appears that finding ‘Fierce Love’ (as the author would call it) is the ultimate resonance that leads to deeper levels of awareness, acceptance, non judgmental thinking and supreme confidence in following your ‘call’ connecting with the universe in all its forms creating a state of ‘being.’

‘One’ is a book not to be read at a stretch but practiced over time…till you are ONE!

The book comes highly recommended to all those on the path of reconnecting and understanding their true purpose. The readers would find the book powerful and effective only if they spend time doing the exercise, otherwise it would be just another so-called ‘self improvement’ book. The author has created a fantastic ‘log’ at the end of the book which encourages readers to share and pass the book on to others – an innovative way of creating a chain of connectedness and oneness.

-Reviewed by Noor Fathima


3 Responses to One – Changing the World from Inside Out

  1. dishacv says:

    Thats a wonderful abstract. Noj would be pleased.

  2. nojhinkins says:

    Hi, Noj here and yes I am very pleased. Thank you very much Noor.

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